Health and Wellbeing Insights

At Kaido, we use AI to generate health and wellbeing insights based on data from wearable devices and nutritional diaries. Working with a team of professinal sports staff including physios, nutricianlists, sports scientists and coaches, we aim to bring top-level sports insights to the general population.

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Code mentorship platform

Exercism is used by over 150,000 software developers to help them improve fluency in any programming language. Exercism aims to help anyone that wants to improve their skills for free, in order to give opportunity to all and improve the quality of software development worldwide.

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Helping publishers and advertisers improve their reach and relevance

Reachora helps medical publishers and advertisers by using big data and artificial intelligence to analysise how medical educational content is used and make intelligent suggestions and recommendations. It also helps ensure that doctors are only target with adverts that are useful and valuable to their continuing professional development.

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Big Wide World

Intelligent career suggestions

BigWide World aims to provide intelligent career suggestions in a Tinder-like interface. Users answer pyscometric questions and are then presented with careers that they can swipe to shortlist or reject. Our deep-learning algorithm then finds patterns in a user's behaviour and fine-tunes the recommendations to predict careers that a student will love, but may never have considered.

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RedBrick Bills

Health and Wellbeing Insights

RedBrick Bills provide bill splitting services to students, that provides a bill equally split over the year. Providing accurate estimates of energy usage is essential to ensuring the bills are correct. We use deep learning to estimate bills based on a number of factors and historic data, helping RedBrick Bills keep their 96% 5* satisfaction rating.

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